Data Assimilation Projects Overview

In 2012 the European Space Agency (ESA) awarded the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) contracts to the value of €3M to advance data assimilation methods.

The work has now been completed and was carried out in the context of ESA’s Climate Change Initiative and overseen by ESA’s Climate Office.

The projects have:

- Paved the way for significant uptake of CCI outputs

- Laid foundations for new and enhanced CCI products

- Enabled a strategic investment in a new global reanalysis system which will underpin future climate services.



Report on Correlated Observation Errors Workshop


By Joanne Waller From Wednesday 23rd to Friday 25th April the University of Reading hosted a hugely successful ESA-DA workshop on correlated errors in data assimilation. The workshop aimed to provoke discussion on both how observation error correlation matrices can be estimated and approximated and what methods would be necessary for efficiently implementing correlated observation errors in data assimilation systems. The workshop...

Report from Land Data Assimilation Workshop


by Emily Lines (UCL), We are delighted to report the success on the success of the ESA-DA workshop on data assimilation for land surface process models, which took place at the end of March at UCL. We ran a hands-on workshop to bring together students and researchers working with land surface models in order to expose them to different methods of data assimilation and discuss issues around dealing with computational challenges,...

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NCEO Young Scientist Conference 10/11 March 2014 University of Leeds


By Richard Pope The 2014 NCEO Young Scientist conference, hosted by the University of Leeds, brought together PhD students and early career Post-docs from across the UK, all working on NCEO projects. The aim of the conference was to bring together these young scientists to discuss and explore the wide range, potential and application of Earth Observation (EO) datasets. These include monitoring the retreat of glaciers, the detection of...

Edinburgh Update - What is driving observed changes in atmospheric CO2?


By Paul Palmer, Liang Feng and Annamarie Fraser One of our tasks at the University of Edinburgh is to explore how we can efficiently exploit existing space-borne atmospheric measurements of carbon dioxide (CO2) to inform science and policy on CO2 fluxes. Atmospheric concentrations of CO2, a potent greenhouse gas, continue to rise steadily (approximately 2 ppm/year). We can infer from our understanding of emissions and existing in situ...

Report from AGU 2013


By Chris Wilson (Leeds) Along with more than 22,000 other participants, members of the ESA DA project team headed to San Francisco in December in order to attend the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting. With over 7,000 oral presentations and more than 15,000 posters presentations over the course of five days, this gave the attendees opportunities to learn of cutting-edge scientific research directly from the groups...

Pre-registration for the MICROSNOW workshop is now open.


Workshop Date: 6th-8th August 2014 Pre-registration Form Registration window: 14th April - 31st May 2014 Spaces limited. The Microstructure in Snow Microwave Radiative Transfer workshop aims to develop understanding on how snow microstructure information should be used in radiative transfer theory. Developments in snow microwave models and the implications for snow remote sensing will be discussed. This international workshop will...

Opportunity to contribute showcase to CEOS brochure


By Zof Stott (Assimila) We have recieved the following notification of an opportunity to contribute towards a CEOS brochure in advance of the Climate Symposium (Darmstadt, Germany) on the 13-17th of October. The deadline is the end of February 2014. The brochure will describe the various climate activities link together to fulfil the three main objectives assigned to the joint Climate Working Group. Providing a comprehensive and ...

Report on December 2013 India Summer School


by Melanie Ades (University of Reading) In December 2013, a group of 5 scientists from NCEO ran a summer school on Data Assimilation at the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS). The sumerschool was sponsored by the UK Space Agency and by NCEO as part of the UK-India collaboration in the space sector. The summer school covered the main different theoretical methods for Data Assimilation - such as the Kalman Filter - and consisted...